CREATIVITY & IDEA (20%) Originality of idea/disruptive innovation
APPLICABILITY OF THE INNOVATION (20%) Any need for the innovation? (is the innovation refer to problem statement?)
Any impact of life?
Help to solve any problem?
Any survey/literature to the research? – (Survey)
STATUS OF INNOVATION (20%) Stage of innovation – Whether it is at the bench scale/lab. Scale or already manufactured and commercialized
Possibility to upgrade into industrial scale – (if it is still a bench scale)
Availability of the product – (the product is available or not?)
Functionality of the product – (is the exhibited product functioning or not functioning? Or just a static module)
WOW FACTOR (10%) First impression judgement
Overall attraction of the product
COMMERCIALIZATION (10%) Market demand – (what is the anticipated market demand?)
Market size and value – (any market research done? Prove? Any comparison with any current product market product)
ACADEMIC VALUE (10%) Any evidence of research done by the students (data and result analysis)
Any collaboration with other institutions (universities, research organization or others)  
PRESENTATION (10%) Effort – (informative and attraction)
Knowledge – (about the innovation and specific thought)