The competition aims to promote the creativity and innovation among lecturers / teachers and students in developing instructional materials and teaching as well as increasing the teaching materials that innovate in the field of education.


1) Open

2) Primary /Secondary School

3) UUM


1) Innovation & Invention


1) This PIP Competition is open to all lecturers / teachers / staff / students of IPTA / IPTS, matriculation colleges and school students.

2) Participation is individually or in groups (2 to 10 pax).

3) The combination of lecturers, staff and students is not recommended.

4) Product or innovation must involve innovation in pedagogy, usage, technology or Web 2.0

5) Participants are allowed to submit more than one entry. However, an entry fee will be charged for each entry.

6) Each entry must be accompanied by a complete entry form. Please fill out the registration form online and email receipt / proof of payment to mnoridayu@uum.edu.my

7) Each entry has won in any other competition before joining PIP are not allowed unless there is an improvement in the innovation.

8) Breakfast & lunch for participants is NOT provided.


1) Participants must provide a poster for your product or invention to be presented to the panel of judges during the competition day.

2) Your booth numbers will be notified during the registration session before the competition begin.

3) The content of the posters must be appropriate and fit in a poster size A1 (841 x 594 mm / 33.1 x 23.4 inches)

4) Among the things that need to be posted in the poster (suggestions) are abstract, objectives, value added, usefulness, commercialisation potential and awards on research results / products either in Malay or English. Related costs is borne by the participants.

5) Participants are also encouraged to provide additional materials such as brochures, photographs, certificates of appreciation or other materials to support their products and innovation results.

6) Each entry will be given a 3 ‘x 4’ (W x T) exhibition booth space, 1 exam table, 1 seat & electric power outlet. Participants must bring their own laptop (if necessary).

7) Internet facilities are provided by the organizers.


1) Evaluation of products or innovations will be made by experienced judges selected by the organizers.

2) Participants must demonstrate their respective innovations in front of the panel of judges during the judging session.

3) The time allocated for presentation and question-answer is 15 minutes only.

4) Scoring criteria is taking into account the aspects of innovation, innovation, innovation and communication impact and presentation

5) The jury’s decision is final. Any appeal will not be entertained.